Ski Lessons

Learn to ski, improve your level with experts.
July to September.


Experience the freedom of skiing in virgin slopes and forests... best off-piste in Catedral Area.
La Lagunita, Nubes, Segundo Lomo, La Palmera..
Workshops, adapting technique to different types of snow and terrains.
June to September.


Ascents with skins to the mountains around Bariloche.
• Co. Challhuaco
• Van Titter/Frey
• Co. López
• Mesada de los Baguales
June to September.


Amazing programs, skiing for several days across the most attractive (and active!) volcanoes in the south of Chile.
• Bio Bio + Araucanía Tour (08 days)
Vn. Chillán
Vn. Antuco
Vn. Lonquimay
Vn. Llaima
• Los Ríos + Los Lagos Tour (08 días)
Vn. Villarrica
Vn. Casablanca
Vn. Osorno
September to October.